Comments solicited: assignment of non-routed network numbers

Marten Terpstra Marten.Terpstra at
Thu Jan 27 10:48:01 UTC 1994

bmanning at (William Manning) writes
 * Milo S. Medin
 * > 
 * > 
 * > I thought 192.9.200 was also essentially that way.  It's been the default
 * > network number you get when you hit <return> when SunOS is configuring
 * > it's network number... :-)
 * > 
 * Nope, Sun turned that one in sometime back.  Its been re-assigned.

My two cents in this discussion. Daniel Karrenberg and Yakov are
drafting such an RFC. The implications are the bits that need to be
well documented. The matter is not as simple as "not connecting to the
Internet", because one should realize that one also cannot connect to
another organisation doing the same thing with the same number. It
basically assumes "no connectivity" to any other organisation ....

Daniel will be at the regional techs next week, I think those involved
and interested should take things up with him.


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