Comments solicited: assignment of non-routed network numbers

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at
Thu Jan 27 01:19:38 UTC 1994

I strongly suggest putting some network numbers aside for this


>We have recently received a number of requests from customers wanting IP
>network numbers which are never intended to be routed to the global Internet.
>How are other providers dealing with requests of this sort? In the absence of
>network numbers which have been explicitly set aside for this purpose by the
>global Internet registry, I can't see a good way for a provider to allocate
>network numbers for this purpose without having them needlessly consume the
>provider's address space. One compromise might be for the provider to reserve
>a block which can re-used by more than one customer, but that block will still
>consume a chunk of the provider's space. Also, how large should that block be
>to satisfy all requests for non-connected network numbers?
>Your comments on this matter would be appreciated.
>	--Vince

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