NACR: 198.213.43...

Steven K. Widmayer skw
Fri Jan 21 21:49:47 UTC 1994

 >Ok, When can we start submitting cidr NACRs?
 >This was a test block that I had been using in the BGP4 testbed
 >and the CoREN testbed.
 >Bill Manning         bmanning at        PO Box 1892
 > 713-285-5415         713-527-6099	       Houston, Texas
 >   R.U. (o-kome)       			        77251-1892

Not until Gated and BGP4 have been deployed on the ANSnet backbone.  
Regional-techs will be notified at that time.  Guidelines for NACR 
submisson are under development and will be further discussed at 
the upcoming regional-techs meeting.

  --Steve Widmayer / Merit

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