CERT Advisory - Sendmail Vulnerability Update

CERT Advisory cert-advisory-request at cert.org
Fri Jan 7 16:27:40 UTC 1994

CA-93:16a                        CERT Advisory
                                January 7, 1994
                             Sendmail Vulnerability
          **Supplementary advisory containing vendor patch information**
The CERT Coordination Center is continuing to work with vendors on 
eliminating a group of vulnerabilities in sendmail(8).  These vulnerabilities
include those related to mailing to a program, mailing to a file, and a 
few others.

This advisory provides information about new patches available from
some vendors.  At the time that CA-93:16.sendmail.vulnerability was published
a set of workarounds were provided. These workarounds should still be used
until vendor patches are available.  Once the vendor patches have been
installed, sites can either choose to continue to use smrsh or uninstall it.

CERT will maintain an accompanying file, CA-93:16a.README. This file will
contain information about sendmail patches and will be updated whenever new
patches or information becomes available.

CERT has provided detailed information about all known vulnerabilities
in sendmail to all of our vendor contacts.  If your vendor is unaware of
the problems, or if they have any questions, please have them contact us.

A brief listing of currently available patches as well as information on 
upcoming patches is provided below.  Vendor-supplied information concerning 
these patches is included in the CA-93:16a.README file. For some vendors, 
the CA-93:16a.README file includes a pointer to the full text of the 
vendor's own advisory concerning sendmail.  The current version of 
CA-93:16a.README is included in appendix A for your convenience.

Vendor                          Patch Status
------                          ------------

sendmail 8.6.4                  available
IDA sendmail                    available
BSDI                            available
Data General Corporation        available
Digital Equipment Corporation   available
Hewlett-Packard Company         available
IBM                             available
NeXT, Inc.                      available soon
The Santa Cruz Operation        available soon
Sequent Computer Systems        available
Solbourne                       available
Sony Corporation                available
Sun Microsystems, Inc.          available

The CERT Coordination Center wishes to thank all the vendors for 
recognizing the importance of these vulnerabilities and responding
to them.

If you believe that your system has been compromised, contact the CERT
Coordination Center or your representative in Forum of Incident
Response and Security Teams (FIRST).

Internet E-mail: cert at cert.org
Telephone: 412-268-7090 (24-hour hotline)
           CERT personnel answer 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST(GMT-5)/EDT(GMT-4),
           and are on call for emergencies during other hours.

CERT Coordination Center
Software Engineering Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

Past advisories, information about FIRST representatives, and other
information related to computer security are available for anonymous 
FTP from info.cert.org.


**Notice** The following Appendix contains the version of the 
CA-93:16a.README file that was current at the time of the release of
this advisory. If you are retrieving this advisory after January 7, 1994,
please ensure that you also retrieve the most recent version of the
CA-93:16a.README file (found in the same directory on info.cert.org).

Appendix A: CA-93:16a.README

Rev. January 7, 1994

This file is a supplement to the CERT Advisory CA-93:16a of January 7, 1994,
and will be updated as additional information becomes available.

The following is vendor-supplied information.  Please notice that
some entries provide pointers to vendor advisories. For more up-to-date 
information, contact your vendor. 

Eric Allman, 8.6.4

        Version 8.6.4 is available for anonymous FTP from ftp.cs.berkeley.edu
        in the "ucb/sendmail" directory.

                      Standard Unix Sum
        sendmail.8.6.4.base.tar.Z:       07718 428

                        System V Sum
        64609 856 sendmail.8.6.4.base.tar.Z

                        MD5 Checksum
        MD5 (sendmail.8.6.4.base.tar.Z) = 59727f2f99b0e47a74d804f7ff654621


Paul Pomes, IDA:

        A new release is available for anonymous FTP from vixen.cso.uiuc.edu
        as "pub/sendmail-5.67b+IDA-1.5.tar.gz".

                     Standard Unix Sum
        sendmail-5.67b+IDA-1.5.tar.gz:  17272 1341

                        System V Sum
        30425 2682 sendmail-5.67b+IDA-1.5.tar.gz

                        MD5 Checksum
        MD5 (sendmail-5.67b+IDA-1.5.tar.gz) = a9b8e17fd6d3e52739d2195cead94300



        BSDI can supply either an easy-to-install port of the smrsh patch from
        CERT or a port of sendmail-8.6.4 (contact BSDI Customer Support for
        information in obtaining either of these solutions).  In future
        releases, BSDI will ship the newer sendmail that is not affected
        by these problems.  Releases affected by this advisory: BSD/386 V1.0.

        BSDI Contact Information:
                BSDI Customer Support
                Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
                7759 Delmonico Drive
                Colorado Springs, CO 80919
                Toll Free: +1 800 ITS BSD8 (+1 800 486 2738)
                Phone: +1 719 260 8114
                Fax: +1 719 598 4238
                Email: support at bsdi.com


Data General Corporation

        Patches are available from dg-rtp.rtp.dg.com ( in
        the directory "deliver/sendmail":

        Rev              Patch Number            Sys V Checksum
        ------------    ------------------      --------
        5.4.2           tcpip_5.4.2.p14         39298 512
        MD5 (tcpip_5.4.2.p14) = c80428e3b791d4e40ebe703ba5bd249c

        5.4R2.01        tcpip_5.4R2.01.p12      65430 512
        MD5 (tcpip_5.4R2.01.p12) = 9c84cfdb4d79ee22224eeb713a414996

        5.4R2.10        tcpip_5.4R2.10.p05      42625 512
        MD5 (tcpip_5.4R2.10.p05) = 2d74586ff22e649354cc6a02f390a4be

        These patches are loadable via the "syadm" utility and installation
        instructions are included in the patch notes.

        Trusted versions of DG/UX will use the same patches as
        their base version of DG/UX.  

        Customers with any questions about these patches should contact
        their local SEs or Sales Representatives.


Digital Equipment Corporation

        Systems affected: ULTRIX Versions 4.3 (VAX), ULTRIX V4.3 & V4.3A (RISC),
        DEC OSF/1 V1.2 & V1.3, using sendmail.  The following patches are 
        available from your normal Digital support channel:

        ULTRIX V4.3 (VAX), V4.3 (RISC) or V4.3a (RISC):  CSCPAT #: CSCPAT_4044
                                 OSF/1  V1.2 and  V1.3:  CSCPAT #: CSCPAT_4045

        *These fixes will be included in future releases of ULTRIX and DEC OSF/1

        Digital Equipment Corporation strongly urges Customers to upgrade
        to a minimum of ULTRIX V4.3 or DEC OSF/1 V1.2, then apply the
        Security kit to prevent this potential vulnerability.

        The full text of Digital's advisory can be found in 
        /pub/vendors/dec/advisories/sendmail on info.cert.org.


Hewlett-Packard Company

        For HP/UX, the following patches are available:

                PHNE_3369 (series 300/400, HP-UX 8.x), or
                PHNE_3370 (series 300/400, HP-UX 9.x), or
                PHNE_3371 (series 700/800, HP-UX 8.x), or
                PHNE_3372 (series 700/800, HP-UX 9.x), or
                modify the sendmail configuration file (releases of HP-UX
                prior to 8.0)

        These patches may be obtained from HP via FTP (this is NOT
        anonymous FTP) or the HP SupportLine.  To obtain HP security
        patches, you must first register with the HP SupportLine.
        The registration instructions are available via
        anonymous FTP at info.cert.org in the file

        The full text of Hewlett-Packard's advisory can be found in
        /pub/vendors/hp/advisories/sendmail on info.cert.org.



        Patches for these problems can be ordered as APAR# ix40304 and
        APAR# ix41354.  Ix40304 is available now and ix41354 will be
        sent as soon as it is available.


NeXT, Inc.

        NeXT expects to have patches available soon.


The Santa Cruz Operation

        Support level Supplement (SLS) net379A, will soon be available
        for the following platforms:

        SCO TCP/IP Release 1.2.0 for SCO UNIX or SCO XENIX
        SCO TCP/IP Release 1.2.1 for SCO UNIX
        SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0, 3.0
        SCO Open Desktop Lite Release 3.0
        SCO Open Server Network System, Release 3.0
        SCO Open Server Enterprise System, Release 3.0

        This SLS is currently orderable from SCO Support for all customers
        who have one of the above products registered. It will be available
        in the near future.  Systems using MMDF as their mail system do
        not need this SLS.


Sequent Computer Systems

        Versions 3.0.17 and greater of Dynix are vulnerable
        as are versions 2.2 and 2.3 of the TCP package for PTX.

        Sequent customers should call the Sequent Hotline at
        (800) 854-9969 and ask for the Sendmail Maintenance Release Tape.
        Alternatively, ptx customers can upgrade to PTX/TCP/IP 
        version 2.2.3 or 2.3.1 as appropriate.



        Patch p93122301 is available from Solboune to fix the sendmail
        problems.  This patch is equivalent to Sun patch 100377-08.
        Customers may retrieve it via anonymous FTP from 
        solbourne.solbourne.com in the pub/support/OS4.1B directory:

        Filename         BSD         SVR4
                         Checksum    Checksum
        ---------------  ---------   ---------
        p93122301.tar.Z  63749 211   53951 421
        MD5 (p93122301.tar.Z) = f7300f3ecfbbbfaa11a6695f42f14615

        It is also available by sending email to solis at solbourne.com
        and specifying "get patches/4.1b p93122301" in the body of the
        mail message.

        Earlier versions (4.1A.*) are no longer supported. The 4.1B
        patch may well work on 4.1A.* systems but this has not been tested.
        If you have any questions please call the SOURCE at 1-800-447-2861 or
        send email to support at solbourne.com.

        The full text of Solbourne's advisory can be found in
        /pub/vendors/solbourne/advisories/sendmail on info.cert.org.


Sony Corporation

        These vulnerabilities have been fixed in NEWS-OS 6.0.1.
        A patch is available for NEWS-OS 4.x.  Customers should
        contact their dealers for any additional information.


Sun Microsystems, Inc.

        Sun has made patches for sendmail available as described in
        their SUN MICROSYSTEMS SECURITY BULLETIN: #00125, 12/23/93.
        These patches can be found in the 
        /systems/sun/sun-dist directory on ftp.uu.net:

        System       Patch ID    Filename        BSD         SVR4
                                                 Checksum    Checksum
        ------       --------   ---------------  ---------   ---------
        SunOS 4.1.x  100377-08  100377-08.tar.Z  05320 755   58761 1510
        Solaris 2.1  100840-06  100840-06.tar.Z  59489 195   61100 390
        Solaris 2.2  101077-06  101077-06.tar.Z  63001 179   28185 358
        Solaris 2.3  101371-03  101371-03.tar.Z  27539 189   51272 377

        MD5 checksums are:
        MD5 (100377-08.tar.Z) = 8e8a14c0a46b6c707d283cacd85da4f1
        MD5 (100840-06.tar.Z) = 7d8d2c7ec983a58b4c6a608bf1ff53ec
        MD5 (101077-06.tar.Z) = 78e165dec0b8260ca6a5d5d9bdc366b8
        MD5 (101371-03.tar.Z) = 687d0f3287197dee35941b9163812b56

        A patch for x86 based systems will be forthcoming as patch 101352-02.

        4.1 sites installing these patches may require sites to modify
        their configuration files slightly.  Full details are given in
        the Sun advisory.

        The full text of Sun Microsystems's advisory can be found in
        /pub/vendors/sun/advisories/sendmail on info.cert.org.

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