ANSnet gated/CIDR Deployment Complete

Jordan Becker becker at
Sun Feb 27 20:20:19 UTC 1994

All ANSnet AS690 routers are now running gated, and AS690 now supports
CIDR.  All routers are running IBGP4 and SLSP internally, and we are
peering externally via BGP (using version negotiation for versions
2,3,4) and EGP.

For example, any AS690 peer can now reach the CIDR route (192.108.200
with mask 255.255.248) via ENSS145, ENSS136, or ENSS144:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
 1 (  4 ms  4 ms  4 ms 
 2 (  3 ms  3 ms  3 ms 
 3 (  6 ms  6 ms  6 ms 
 4 (  6 ms  5 ms  5 ms 
 5 (  11 ms  11 ms  11 ms 
 6 (  11 ms  11 ms  11 ms 
 7 (  11 ms  11 ms  11 ms 
 8 (  12 ms  14 ms  21 ms 
 9 (  15 ms  16 ms  15 ms 
10  Stockholm-EBS1.Ebone.NET (  199 ms  205 ms  203 ms 
11  Stupi-RBS1-IXF.Ebone.NET (  137 ms  135 ms  136 ms 
12  Strul.Stupi.SE (  136 ms  137 ms  136 ms 

Because the AS690 configuration for more CIDR aggregates has not yet
been done, we have left AS690 pointing default to AS1133 for now.  The
CIDR configuration process for aggregates on AS690 should begin early
next week.  The AS690 default route will be removed when the CIDR
routes (for which class-based routes are not being announced) have
been configured.

Rcp_Routed (1987 - 1994)
The last rcp_routed daemon on ANSnet was killed by Curtis
Villamizar on CNSS8 (San Francisco) on Feb. 27th at 03:13EST. 
Many thanks are owed to Curtis Villamizar, Steve Heimlich, and
Yakov Rekhter for their work on rcp_routed over the years.

We would also like to thank the regional-techs, and BGP deployment
communities for helping us to successfully coordinate this gated
deployment over the last several months.

Details on Sunday Feb. 27th 00:30EST Gated Deployment
We automatically restarted the new gated binary (ANS1.0) using the
new gated config. files using an automated script on the following
nodes already running gated: ENSS205, ENSS194, ENSS160,
ENSS131(1.0o), ENSS139,  CNSS104, CNSS105, CNSS107,
ENSS138, ENSS136(1.0o), CNSS120, ENSS158, ENSS145(1.0o),
ENSS132(1.0o), ENSS186, ENSS213, ENSS224, CNSS72, CNSS75,
ENSS150, ENSS151, CNSS88, CNSS91, ENSS143(1.0o), ENSS176,
ENSS193, ENSS164, ENSS222, ENSS226, ENSS230,
ENSS134(1.0o), ENSS144(1.0o), CNSS40, CNSS41, CNSS43
CNSS44 ENSS168, ENSS190, CNSS80, CNSS81, CNSS83,
ENSS140, ENSS129(1.0o), ENSS135(1.0o)

We then started gated (ANS1.0) on the following nodes for the first
Hartford:       E133(1.0o), C48, C49, C51
Cleveland:      E212
New York:       C32, C33, C35, C36, E209, E177, E155, E137, E163
Denver:         C96, C97, C99, E141, E142
D.C.:           C56, C58, C57(1.0o), C59, E146, E236
Houston:        C64, C65, C67, E211, E188, E174, E183, E165
Albuquerque:    C112, E179, E191, E172
Los Angeles:    C16, C19
Chicago:        C24, C25, C27, E130, E152
San Fran.:      C8, C9, C11, E128(1.0o), E229

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