Aggregates and NACRS for AS 690

Dale S. Johnson dsj
Fri Feb 25 22:53:44 UTC 1994


  Now that GateD deployment is nearly complete on AS 690, we will soon
be seeing Aggregates both on the backbone and in the Policy Routing
Database reports.

  Current plans call for controlled routing of a few aggregates on AS
690 starting Monday (Feb 28).  A few aggregates may be added to
the PRDB for the Tuesday morning config run;  this will be the first
time that nets with prefix lengths other than 8, 16, or 24 will have
appeared in PRDB reports.

  Assuming that this controlled deployment works as expected, we will 
begin accepting NACRs for aggregates next Friday, March 4.  Please be
sure to use the new NACR form available from in the file
"nsfnet/announced.networks/" .

------------  How to submit an Aggregate for Routing on AS 690 -------------

  The same NACR template is used for submitting all nets (e.g., classful 
nets, classless nets, aggregates).  For aggregates, follow the "netnum" by
a slash character and then the prefix length, i.e.:

	             netnum:  198.108.12/22

Generally, in order to aggregate a block of nets that all ready are
routed by AS 690, you should make sure that those nets all have the
same AUP and AS 690 announcement lists.  The command "whois -h 'aggchk <net_ip/len>'" can help you with this check:

>  $ whois -h 'aggchk 198.108.12/22'
>    198.108.12/22 is an aggregate equivalent to 4 Class Cs:  198.108.12
>                                                         to  198.108.15
>   >  198.108.12/24 NET-NORTHVILLE12  N  1:237 2:233 3:266 4:267 5:1225  
>   >  198.108.13/24 NET-NORTHVILLE13  N  1:237 2:233 3:266 4:267 5:1225 
>   >  198.108.14/24 NET-NORTHVILLE14  N  1:237 2:233 3:266 4:267 5:1225 
>   >  198.108.15/24 NET-NORTHVILLE15  N  1:237 2:233 3:266 4:267 5:1225 
>  $ 

More complicated mixes of routing policies can be discussed, but they
will slow the processing of your NACR.

--Dale Johnson

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