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Steven K. Widmayer skw
Tue Feb 22 01:16:29 UTC 1994

Sorry for any duplication, but not everyone is on bgpd.
  --Steve Widmayer / Merit

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 94 23:25:31 EST
From: Jordan Becker <becker at>
To: bgpd at
Subject: Feb 20th AS690 Gated/BGP4 Deployment

1.  Gated / Rcp_routed Activities for Sunday Feb 20th 00:30 EST
We did some further gated/BGP4 deployment on AS690 routers this
past Sunday morning at 00:30EST.  We are now running gated on
22 AS690 routers.  The following progress was made:

1.1  Increased kernel paging space to 96MB on ENSS137,
     ENSS138, ENSS144, ENSS145.  

1.2  Reconfigured gated nodes (ENSS160, ENSS205, CNSS105) to
     add the loopback address.  This allows gated to
     handle reject routes correctly so that no default is triggered on
     AS690 routers for unreachable 140.222 destinations.  We will
     burn this in for a couple of days and add the loopback interface
     to other gated systems during the Tuesday March 1st.
     configuration window.

1.3  Deployed gated version ANS0.5 on nodes already running gated
     (version ANS0.4) including: ENSS205, ENSS194, ENSS160,
     CNSS104, CNSS107, ENSS158, ENSS120.  This version of
     gated fixes memory leak during reconfiguration, and the SLSP
     LSP max. aging problem.

1.4  Deployed the new gated (ANS0.5) to replace rcp_routed on
     AS690 nodes including: ENSS131, ENSS139, CNSS105,
     ENSS138, ENSS132, ENSS186, ENSS213, ENSS222,
     ENSS224, CNSS72, CNSS75, ENSS150, ENSS151. 

1.5  Deployed new gated (ANS0.5o) on ENSS136.  This gated has
     optimization turned on.

1.6  Reconfigured gated (ANS0.5) on ENSS136 multiple times to
     ensure that dynamic reconfiguration works without memory

2.   Points of Interest to Users
2.1  Because AS690 is running with default, users that try to
     traceroute nets that are unreachable nets over AS690 will get
     a path to (AS1133).  This makes
     debugging a bit more difficult while AS690 runs with a default

2.2  Gated is running on AS690 with BGP version negotiation
     enabled.  This allows external peers to negotiate up to the
     highest version level of BGP that their peer is configured to
     support.  Some peers may already be configured to version
     negotiate from BGP2->BGP3 which may happen automatically
     with the AS690 gated deployment.  Peer service providers
     should check their configurations for this to ensure that there
     are no unexpected problems.

3.   New Problems Identified - Sunday Feb. 20th
3.1  Gated (0.5) has a problem in gated SLSP where the dummy AS
     (required for rcp_routed multi-homed AS's) does not get passed
     on from gated -> rcp_routed systems correctly.  We saw
     problems with dummy AS numbers including AS291, AS702,
     AS60, AS201, AS2884.  This caused us to back out gated on
     ENSS144, ENSS134 where these dummy AS numbers are
     used.  We will fix this problem and plan to re-deploy on ENSS144,
     ENSS134 on Tuesday morning March 1st.

3.2  Gated does not handle statically announced multiple external
     nets correctly.  Gated does handle the case where the single
     DMZ net is statically announced to AS690 (ENSS186,
     ENSS213, ENSS224).  Because Gated could not announce
     multiple statics we left rcp_routed running on ENSS164,

4.   Tuesday morning March 1 05:00EST Scheduled Maintenance
4.1  Configure loopback interface on all gated nodes
     *EXCEPT* those that already support it (ENSS205, ENSS160,

4.2  Gated re-starts on the following gated nodes already running gated
     including: ENSS205, ENSS194, ENSS160, ENSS131, ENSS139,
     CNSS104, CNSS105, CNSS107, ENSS136, ENSS138, CNSS120, ENSS158,
     ENSS136, ENSS132, ENSS186, ENSS213, ENSS224, CNSS72, CNSS75,
     ENSS150, ENSS151.

4.3  Deploy new gated (ANS0.6) to replace rcp_routed on nodes
     including: CNSS88, CNSS91, ENSS134, ENSS144, ENSS143,
     ENSS176, ENSS193, ENSS222, ENSS226, ENSS230.  

     This version of gated (ANS0.6) fixes the SLSP handling of
     dummy AS numbers, and static announcement of multiple
     external nets.

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 94 0:23:58 EST
From: Jordan Becker <becker at>
Subject: Re: Feb 20th AS690 Gated/BGP4 Deployment
To: bgpd at

> 4.   Tuesday morning March 1 05:00EST Scheduled Maintenance
> -----------------------------------------------------------

Correction: this next maintenance window for AS690 Gated deployment is
actually scheduled for Feb 22nd at 05:00EST.


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