a rose is a rose....

Michael A. Patton MAP at nic.dsi.net
Tue Feb 15 05:46:03 UTC 1994

As an amateur lexicographer I've thought a little bit more about the
name question(*).  I've tried a number of permutations of the words I
like, and three interesting new combinations which form real words

- the Forum for Internet Operators in North America (FIONA)
- the North American Internet Forum (NAIF)
- the Network Operators Meeting for the Internet in North America (NOMINA)

For some reason I kind of like the first one, the second has some
connotations we may not want, the third _is_ an interesting choice
of naming :-).


(*) the discussion seems to have died down, but I've been thinking
about it anyway, something to occupy my brain on the long drives to
and from work (after all, I wouldn't be a good Boston driver if I paid
attention to the road :-)

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