a rose is a rose....

Michael A. Patton MAP at nic.dsi.net
Mon Feb 7 18:26:36 UTC 1994

I agree with Jane's analysis and would propose going one step
further...  Before we start discussing specific acronyms (although I
kind of like NOFONA, when pronounced, it sounds a bit like we're
working on telephone bypass technology, hmm maybe we are :-) I think
we need to think a bit more about the charter and about what specifics
want to make it into the name.  To start that off, I'll offer my
analysis.  These are the things that I think (off the top of my head,
I may change my mind if I _actually_ think about this :-) should be
included in preference order (i.e. first should _definitely_ be in the
name, later ones are more tentative):

Technology (what it is the group discusses), one of (this is my
preference order):
	-(Data) Communications

Activity, some combination of:

Type of organization (may be in the name or as an adjunct, i.e. the
original "NANOG" might also be "The NANO Group"), I believe from the
discussion last week that we want to lean to a word that implies less
formality, one of:	[Can you detect Roget's hand in this list? :-]

Scope (likewise, this might eventually be an adjunct rather than an
integral part of the acronym):
	North America

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