a rose is a rose....

Jane Hsiung Wojcik jwojcik at BBN.COM
Mon Feb 7 15:50:45 UTC 1994


Will you provide us with a list of the proposed names?

The name of the group should, to some extent, indicate the type of
business in which the group is involved. (It's another matter if you
want to be ambiguous intentionally.)  All of the names, have the words
North American, Operations, group/forum/congress, in them but few of
the them (as I recall) have the key words
in them.  

Take, for example, TOFONA - The Operations Forum of North America.
To an outsider, this could be the intelligence operations forum, the
trucking operations forum, the manufacturing operations forum, ...etc.

With the insertion of one of the keywords:

The Internet Operations Forum of North America
The Network Operations Forum of North America 

however, the group's charter becomes much more obvious. 

I propose a modified TOFONA: NOFONA (The Network Operations Forum of
North America).


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