exclusive rights on Internet?

Vadim Antonov avg at titan.sprintlink.net
Fri Feb 4 17:31:07 UTC 1994

Hello, i realize that it's off-topic but still think the
following message which was forwarded to me by my friend
can be of interest to Internet service providers.

(I also recently heard something about IIA.ORG and
credit card numbers).

Personally i consider attempts to gain "exclusive right
to resell internet services" by bureaucratic means as
highly anti-social and suggest the Internet community to
react accordingly.

SprintLink Engineering

[RELCOM is Russian Electronic Communications -- the national
UUCP and TCP/IP network].


>   Hello Alex, my name is Charles Maslin.  I heard through the net that
>   you are involved with RELCOM and was wondering if you could mail me so
>   information about it.  I am the Vice President of International
>   Operations at IDN (International Digital Networks).  My company is
>   interested in bringing internet connectivity to anyone who wants it
>   and will give a free node to any nation that has no internet connectivity at
>   no cost to that nation.  The only thing we ask for in return is the
>   right to resell internet services in that country on an exclusive
>   basis for 10 years.  The resale rates will be set by bilateral
>   negotiation between IDN and the government of the country.
>           The benefits to countries that don't have internet services
>   are numerous.  We supply the hardware and support services and they
>   pay a nominal charge for access without having to pay any long
>   distance charges. For countries that already have internet
>   connectivity, we will supply a node at a very competitive price.  If
>   you think that RELCOM and IDN may have some synergy please contact me.
>   Thank you and be well.
>                                           Charles Maslin
>                                           maslin at iia.org
>                                           (201)928-1000 (work)
>                                           (201)626-4771 (home)

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