Change in NACR process

Elise Gerich epg
Thu Dec 15 21:11:25 UTC 1994

Merit has been fortunate to have the same person
handling our routing configurations for the last
5 or so years, Steve Widmayer.  He has sheparded
us all through the hugh growth of routing announcments
and he understood the system better than anyone.
to our great dismay, Steve has decided to move on,
and we will miss him greatly.

Since Steve's last day was Tuesday, December 13,
we are now depending on Steve Richardson to
help us train a new person (yet to be hired)
to handle the NACRs and to help with the
configuration process.  Until the new person 
comes on board and is fully trained, we will
have to move the cutoff for accepting NACRS
to 09:00 EST on the day preceeding the configuration

Please join us in wishing Steve Widmayer well in
his future endeavors, and please have patience
with us as we try to fill his shoes (not an easy

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