February Meeting

Jamshid Mahdavi mahdavi at sabre.psc.edu
Sat Dec 10 13:23:55 UTC 1994

I would vote with Matt & Vince on this one (and not just because it is
in Boulder :-).  We just spent the last couple of days looking through
pre-transition transfer statistics into our data archiver at the PSC
and trying to figure out what sort of bandwidths our users have been
getting.  Several of our larger faster users are now coming in through
non-NSFnet connectivity.  Prior to the transition, some had average
performance > 1 Mb/s and one was even floating around 3 Mb/s.  As we
started doing traceroutes, the gist of the discussion was "...bet
they're not going that fast anymore".

This is all anecdotal at this point, but by February, we should all
have some real experience and I believe there will be lots to talk


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