February Meeting

Michael H. Behringer M.H.Behringer at dante.org.uk
Fri Dec 9 12:12:22 UTC 1994

Elise - I think it would be useful to reschedule the meeting, so that both
meetings are in the same week. Especially for folks coming from Europe it
is hard to justify to go to two meetings, if they are one week apart.


At 6:27 am 9/12/94, Elise Gerich wrote:
>At the last NANOG meeting in Ann Arbor, we decided to have a winter
>meeting in Boulder, CO.  NCAR kindly offered to host the meeting
>and plans were finalized to have the meeting on Thursday and Friday,
>February 9 and 10, 1995.
>ISOC has proposed to host a Operations Conference in February (21-22)
>in San Diego, CA.  The Description and Objectives of the
>conference are:
>>The Internet operations environment
>>is undergoing major transitions in architecture,
>>scale, and players worldwide.  These transitions
>>are producing many new needs, issues and complex
>>multiple forums with overlapping boundaries.  This
>>conference is convened as a means to bring together
>>all the parties and bodies of interest to:
>>1) identify and discuss the emerging needs, issues
>>and forums through a set of panel sessions and
>>contributions; and
>>2) take steps toward a set of "multilateral"
>>principles and arrangements among the participants
>>to provide for continued collaboration among all
>>the affected parties for a ubiquitous global Internet.
>ISOC has offered to provide meeting rooms for the winter
>NANOG meeting if we would like to hold the NANOG meeting
>on the Monday preceeding the Conference.
>Does the membership of NANOG wish to reschedule our
>meeting to coincide with ISOC Conference or shall
>we proceed with the previous plan to hold the meeting
>on February 9 and 10?
>               --Elise

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