Trouble Hand-offs

Jon 'Iain' Boone boone at
Thu Dec 8 17:42:47 UTC 1994

Here's a hypothetical situation:

Two sites (A.EDU and B.EDU) are trying to communicate.
A.EDU is connected to ANSnet through PREPnet.
B.EDU is connected to MCInet through NEARnet.

A.EDU's technical contact calls up PREPnet and reports a problem
getting to B.EDU -- PREPnet staff looks at the problem and finds that
it is not with PREpnet's infrastructure.  PREPnet passes the trouble
call on up to ANS.  ANS operations looks at the problem and discovers
that the problem is not at the peering point (N.Y. NAP), but within
MCInet's backbone. 

What should/would ANS do at this point?  

Is there any sort of agreement between ANS and MCI that they will
report trouble calls like this and that they will be responded to?
Are there any plans to include these sorts of things in the bilateral
peering arrangements that come about at the NAPs?

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