Additions to the NSFNET policy-based routing database

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Sun Dec 4 08:01:39 UTC 1994

It's December!!!!  (which year? :)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The PRDB and this "NWG report" will be retired in December.  Details below.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The following changes have been made to the NSFNET policy-based routing
> database and will be installed on the backbone by 10:00 EST :
> PRDB CHANGES:                                       (Updated October 25, 1994)
> In early December 1994, as part of the transition to the new Global
> Routing Registry (GRR), the Policy Routing Database (PRDB) will be retired.
> Many of the functions of the PRDB (including generation of router 
> configurations for NSFNET) will be produced based on data from the
> Global Routing Registry.  
> This change to the NSFNET Backbone service will involve the following changes:
>   - The method for submitting new nets to be routed over AS690 will
> 	change.  Instead of submitting a NACR to nsfnet-admin at,
> 	you will need to submit a "route template" to auto-dbm at .
>   - Additions and entries to the new registry will be made by the Home
> 	AS which creates the route for each net, rather than being 
> 	submitted by a AS690 peer AS.
>   - Most of the PRDB reports (listed above) will no longer be produced.
> 	Equivalent information for most of these reports is available
> 	from the global Routing Registry.
> These are major changes to the system.  These changes are being made in
> order to migrate NSFNET customers and the global user community to a
> Global Routing Registry system, which will be more capable of supporting
> user needs after the termination of the NSFNET Backbone services in
> April 1995.
> For more information, set your web browser to ,
> or use anonymous ftp to obtain the files "OVERVIEW" and "transition.plan" 
> from the directory "".
> Merit would like to minimize the number of problems that this transition
> may cause you.  In order to help us help you through the transition,
> please send your concerns, your needs, and suggestions on how we can
> make this happen smoothly to merit-ie at
> The archived discussion list "db-disc at" also exists for discussion 
> of PRDB and RADB issues.  Send a message to "db-disc-request at" to 
> subscribe.                                  
> 					      --Dale Johnson (dsj at
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please send all requests for configuration changes to nsfnet-admin at
> using the NSFNET configuration forms.  The forms are available on-line
> from the machine.  Use ftp and the anonymous login to get on the
> machine.  Do a "cd nsfnet/announced.networks" and get the files,
>, template.gate, and
> *** Note: As of March 1, 1994, NSFNET AUP NACRs must use the
> *** (NACR) version 7.1, or the NACR will be returned unprocessed.
> *******************************
>   --Steve Widmayer            Merit/NSFNET   skw at
>   --Enke Chen                 Merit/NSFNET   enke at
>   --Steven J. Richardson      Merit/NSFNET   sjr at


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