Second ATM NAP Workshop -- Draft Agenda

John Cavanaugh johnc at
Fri Dec 2 22:33:49 UTC 1994

                         Second ATM NAP Workshop

Objective:  To bring together the people involved with the construction
and operation of ATM NAPs for discussion of the issues which affect
them.  Since time is limited, this workshop will largely be an update
on the status of the NAPs, the NSPs that will connect to them, and the
vendors whose products will be used to connect to them.

Place:  Santa Cruz Room
        Hotel Sainte Claire
        302 South Market Street
        San Jose, CA 95113
        (a three-minute walk from the Fairmont)

Time:   Tuesday, December 6, 1994
        9:00 - 12:00

Draft agenda:

9:00   Introduction
9:05   Summary of first Workshop
9:30   ATM NAP and NSP status reports
       -  Pacific Bell
       -  Ameritech
       -  MFS
       -  ANS
       -  MCI
       -  SprintLink
       -  Routing Arbiter
10:30  Vendor status
       -  Cisco
       -  Bay Networks
       -  Fore Systems
11:15  ATM interoperability and performance test preliminary results
       -  Pacific Bell and MCI
11:30  Discussion of open ATM NAP issues
       -  Plan for testing and acceptance of ATM NAPs
       -  Ongoing performance criteria
       -  ADSU experience
       -  AIP cards vs. ADSUs; migration issues
       -  MTU sizes; default, maximum
       -  Perfromance metrics, reporting
       -  Migration to UNI
       -  2-day workshop; date, venue
       -  Others?
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