Milo S. Medin (NASA Ames Research Center) medin at
Wed Aug 31 23:18:23 UTC 1994

	 > That issue isn't cisco's fault of course, but rather that we're bein
	 > rushed to put immature and still evolving ATM technology into
	 > a critical piece of the operational Internet infrastructure before i
	t really
	 > makes sense to do so because of marketing and regulatory issues, but
	 > that's another story.  :-)
	 Tongue Firmly Planted in Cheek...
	 "The Internet is an experiment and should not be depended on for 
	 production service"  - zippy         
	 "imature and still evolving" ...
	 like 64meg in routers

Needed because the network is growing so fast.


Needed to support CIDR to prevent the previous point from killing


Not clear this is the same league as the above.  Noone uses CLNP for
anything serious at this point (at least across the Internet) right now.


Noone is forcing anyone to run mbone or ipv6 right now.
The issue behind the NAP's is that they could have been engineered to
use simpler and more mature interconnect technology at the start, but
are instead using immature technology to meet non-technical requirements
that the customers of the NAPs are not they themselves imposing.  This is
a fundamentally different issue that the above items you raised.  Noone 
disagrees that ATM will be playing a significant role in the future, but
I have serious problems with pushing it into service early and forcing all
of us to deal with the consequences now rather than waiting until things
have calmed down later and less pain will be required on our part, and that
we would have better multivendor support.

And I will point to the fact that ATM isn't being used in the other
interconnects like the CIX, the FIXes, SWAB, MAE-East, etc... So I will
disagree that ATM is required for this sort of thing.


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