Milo S. Medin (NASA Ames Research Center) medin at
Wed Aug 31 06:04:37 UTC 1994

I think there is also an issue with the fact that the ADSU's can't deal
with anything other than PVC's.  In my opinion, we really need to
move to an SVC environment ASAP to simplify the VC management issues.
Large numbers of PVC's are going to be a royal pain to tend, esp. if
they have to be configured manually.  I can just imagine the problems 
stemming from asynchonous updates of VC configurations by the various
attachees at the NAP's.

I also happen to believe that the network management issues associated
with an ADSU are more complicated and make it harder to debug problems
than with a native inboard unit like an AIP, but I realize that none of
the other major router vendors are shipping AIP equivalent devices 
right now (and the AIP is a nice piece of work to be sure).  This means
that if you don't support the ADSU's, you pretty much lock people into
use of ciscos, which I oppose on the principle of assuring multivendor 

That issue isn't cisco's fault of course, but rather that we're being
rushed to put immature and still evolving ATM technology into
a critical piece of the operational Internet infrastructure before it really
makes sense to do so because of marketing and regulatory issues, but
that's another story.  :-)


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