Jessica Yu jyy at
Tue Aug 30 15:06:31 UTC 1994

>The approach indicated in section two of the MERIT paper is a common 
>approach that was generally approved in both the NANOG meeting and a 
>NAP participant meeting that was held during the Toronto IETF.

And this is the approach two of the NAP providers are planning to implement 
their NAPs initially.   

>So, I suggest the MERIT paper should not be viewed as the only or
>desired method of connecting to an ATM NAP.  It should be carefully read
>as the documentation of a successful experiment.

This paper describes a solution to connect the RS and do routing on the 
currently planned ATM-NAP technology (i.e. RFC1490/AAL5) based on the 
availability of the products.  If we want to connect to the planned ATM-NAP 
now, that is the approach.

The paper does not address the issue of selecting protocol stacks for the
ATM-NAPs.  It is beyond the scope of the paper.  We have a revised version
which clarifies this point.


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