CIDR Deployment Survey

Jessica Yu jyy at
Mon Aug 29 16:00:32 UTC 1994

This is a survey by the IETF CIDR Deployment Working Group (CIDRD) to seek 
information of why some ASs still not CIDRing.  The purpose of this survey is
to identify issues which prevents any particular AS from doing aggregation, and 
to work together to resolve the issues.  The goal is to keep the global routing 
table growth at minimum in order to prevent routing routing table explosion 
which will cause disconnectivity in the Internet.

Please give the best information you can provide.  The identified issues will
be summarized and published so we can work on them, but the AS ids will be
kept anonymous.  Thanks!

						Jessica Yu

1. What is your AS number?

2. What type of domain does your AS belong to:
	a) single-homed stub  
	b) multi-homed stub or 
	c) transit

3. CIDR deployment status in your AS
	a) Are you running BGP4 at border routers?
	   if yes, 
		o what software version are you using?
	   if no, 
		o what are the showstoppers? 
	b) Are you advertising aggregated routes yet?
	   if yes, 
		o how many aggregates are you advertising ?
		o have you aggregated all the aggregatable routes yet?
		  if not, what are the reasons ? 
		o are all newly routes advertised by your AS CIDR routes? 
	 	  if not, what are the reasons?
		o are you advertising aggregates with holes? 
	c) Have you withdrawn specific routes yet?  
	   if yes, 
		o how many of them has been withdrawn so far?
		o Any more to withdraw?	
		  if yes, when do you plan to withdraw them?  

	d) Have you done proxy aggregation for other ASs yet?
	   if yes,
		o for how many sites are you doing proxy aggregation?  
		o do you have more sites which could be potential proxy 
		  aggregate candidate?
	   if no, what are the issues? 
	e) If you are a stub that cannot creat its own aggregate yet, have you 
	been proxy aggregated yet?  

	   if yes, by which AS?
	   if no, why not?	
4.  What kind of work have you done to encourage the ASs connect to you to do
    CIDR and routing aggregation?  Do you have any policy about this, or good 
    ideas to suggest to others? 

5.  What can be done to help make aggregation easier for you?

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