Update to NSFNet Transition Plan

Susan Hares skh
Fri Aug 19 17:56:53 UTC 1994

We have updated the transition document
on the MERIT web server at:


Would people like me to announce each time 
we update the transition document?  This is our second update
since the initial announcement.  (We also updated
the transition document on 8/8).

Also, we have a home page at this location which is
under construction to contain information about
NSFNet, the NAPs, NSFNET & CIDR  statistics, and


I'd love any suggestions about it.  Any suggestions
or complaints should go to me and merit-ie at merit.edu. 

Ken Latta (klatta at merit.edu) has set-up most of the web
pages.   He and Andy Adams have been doing the
work while I mostly watch.  So.. merit-ie gives
you a lot more than just me.  This is fun!

Best to all,

Sue Hares

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