Draft minutes for IETF Network Status Reports. - please comment.

Pushpendra Mohta pushp at CERF.NET
Fri Aug 12 19:37:02 UTC 1994

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> > Random Bits:
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> > SWAB (SMDS Washington Area Backbone): In response to point of confusion,
> > it was stated that the SWAB bilateral agreement template is just a
> > sample, not a requirement
> >
> > CIX:  The CIX router is getting a T3 SMDS connection into the PacBell
> > fabric.  ALTERnet and PSI are doing so too.  CERFnet currently is on.
> >
> > Noted in passing: Each SMDS access point can be used privately, to
> > support customers, to enhance backbone, etc....  This could have serious
> > implications for other provider agreements.
> >
> > CERFnet:  Pushpendra Mohta (? --not at the meeting) is reported to be happy,
> > but the group understood that most CERFnet CIRs are at 4Mbps over T3
> > entrance facilities.  PacBell was reportedly running two 2OOMbps (is
> > this the really correct, seems rather low?) backplane capacity switches
> > interconnected with single T3.  Planning to increase provisioning --
> > already have a lot of demand.
> >

Pacbell operates two switched in the Bay Area. One in San Francisco
and one in Santa Clara.  The former is practically full , and the
latter is brand new. All new T3 orders will end up on the Santa Clara
switch. It is true that the backplane of the switch is only

Because the Santa Clara switch is new, the switches are interconnected
by only one T3 link. However, the switches are capable of more than
one T3 link and the product manager at Pacbell ( Dick Shimizu ) has
assured me that enough demand would warrant a new T3 between the 
switches etc. 

Providers thinking of buying T3 level services should specify the
Santa Clara switch although it should end up being used anyway. I have
alerted the Product manager and he will ensure that T3 circuits
are on the SC switch.

A new switch is being planned for early next year, although enough
demand will accelerate that deployment as well


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