Ameritech and PacBell NAP documents on line

Kent W. England kwe at
Fri Aug 5 02:04:43 UTC 1994

At  1:14 AM 8/3/94 -0500, Stan Barber wrote:
>I hope these can be moved to the machine for quasi-permanent
>availability. I will remove them eventually. How abou it, FARNET folks?
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>Olan                                         uucp: bcm!academ!sob
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InterNIC would like to put a clickable image on the InfoGuide at depicting the new architecture (the
map from the last NSF Network News issue) with information related to the
new architecture, including information from and about the NAP Managers.

If you would like your info or home page on the InfoGuide, let me know.
I'm not sure that postscript slide images are the right thing, but if you
have ascii or html-ify the slides, I'll have them put them up for access on

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