classless nets and home ASs

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Mon Apr 25 22:24:36 UTC 1994


Is your definition of home-as the RIPE definition? 

> Home-AS still has meansing for a classless net; just as it does for a
> classfull one.

How do you designate home-as for 194.16/16 from 194.16.16/24?  194.16/16
was assigned to organizationX and indicated that the home-as was 701.
Then organizationX gave 194.16.16/24 to companyY who has their own AS 702.
Now the assignment registry can be updated to show these changes in home-AS.

> Routing table entries should have some idea of the 'creator' of that
> entry.  Home-AS or aggregator or some such seems to be the most
> useful.
>       --asp at (Andrew Partan)

But when the classless thingy is routed, home-AS and aggregator-AS can
be inconsistent or there can even be multiple creators of aggregation.
So I am not sure that home-AS means the same thing for classless
entities - or perhaps we need another concept which acknowledges 
a classless entity may be included in several supersets all of which
have different aggregator-ASs.
If your definition permits multiple home-as tags per classless net,
then you have answered my question. Thanks.

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