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Paul Traina pst at
Mon Apr 25 19:28:40 UTC 1994

> To: bgpd at, regional-techs at
> Cc: jyy at
> Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 14:17:54 -0400
> From: Jessica Yu <jyy at>
> Hi,
> For those who already run BGP4, would you please provide the following information:
> 	Vendor routers (e.g. Cisco, Proteon ...etc)
> 	Hardward platform (e.g. Cisco 7000, 4000 .. etc)
> 	Software version
> 	other info which you think is valuable for new users  
> We have been asked about these kinds of questions from people who are working on
> deploying BGP4.  Please help.
> Please send your information to me.  I will summerize it and post it to the list.
> Thanks!
> 							--jessica 

Just as a side note, 10.0 has left beta, and we are suggesting that everyone
who is migrating to BGP4 run 10.0, instead of 9.21+BGP4, since 10.0 receives
better support (9.21+BGP4 is on the way out).

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