20402 routing entries (renumbering)

Peter S. Ford peter at goshawk.lanl.gov
Sat Apr 16 01:33:51 UTC 1994


Many vendors have recently implemented DHCP and I know a few vendors 
who are very interested in going beyond simple DHCP.  The goal is 
to get to the point that you get your system, and it can simply plug
into the Internet and most things you want, DNS and addresses (host,
router, other servers, etc.) are all auto-configured over the wire.

In the case of dialup or ISDN this could be done up to the point 
of providing the "phone number" and one could imagine  a system
where the initial phone number would not be necessary. 

With set top box being the current rage in the telecom industry it is 
very important to have a viable strategy for autoconfiguring/registering
into the Internet for simple devices (PCs on modems/ISDN, set top box, etc.).

cheers, peter

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