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Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Fri Apr 15 23:37:58 UTC 1994

Date Sent:  15-APR-1994 16:37:59 

>Just how much did you pay for -your- network numbers? 
>How much are they worth to you?  I just might be willing
>to take you up on your most generous offer.

	Getting something for free doesn't make it worthless,
	as any of my married friends keep telling me.

	However, the US Government is in no position to take IP
	numbers back [or away] from the worldwide users of the
	IP protocol.

	While "IP IS THE REAL THING", let's not screw it up.
	I'd tend to take Marty's comments seriously.  While we
	use IP, upgrade the 16Mb Ciscos.  After that, work
	a solution into it and let people keep their numbers
	foever ala 1-800 numbers.


Ehud Gavron	(EG76)
gavron at Hearts.ACES.COM

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