20402 routing entries

Peter S. Ford peter at goshawk.lanl.gov
Fri Apr 15 23:45:43 UTC 1994

>>> Hint, think about buying back network numbers.

>>> General principal of the US Constitution is that if you take something
>>> you give some relief.  (I'm not saying this is uniuque to the US btw).

Now I think we are getting in synch.  I don't think this is completely
unreasonable.  And if you charge enough it will help drive an IPng
solution thereby voiding the original value.

Question?  What is the value of something that the govt. granted
you at no cost?  And do you really "own" it or do you simply own the
mineral rights?

These are serious issues.  And the notions of rents etc. all play into
it, especially when you consider things like DHCP leases.

cheers, peter

P.S.  Perhaps this solution will lead to the same checkerboard quilt of
land ownership you see between railroads and the U.S. Forest Service?
Land grants in cyberspace?

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