20402 routing entries

Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at us.psi.com
Fri Apr 15 17:24:29 UTC 1994

again, this has nothing to do with cisco

this has to do with cutting people off the Internet - other people.

don't worry about PSI meeting "the Swedish deadline" - no problemo

>     it would have been a reasonable approach
>     had cisco and/or other vendors had a standard release support BGP4 withou
>     bugs 12 months ago
>     and had you given 12 months notice
> C'mon Marty, wake up and smell the kimchi.
> The writing has been on the wall since RFC 1338 (Supernetting) was published
> almost two years ago, since shortly after that is when the CIDR addressing
> plan first started being implemented.
> cisco and the other router vendors have gone out of their way to support the
> CIDR effort, having integrated CIDR support into the earliest possible releas
> of their code.
> CIDR, default, or die - it may not be the law, but it is reality.
> 	--Vince

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