Problems with BARRNET network

Paul Traina pst at
Tue Apr 12 19:06:57 UTC 1994

  From: noc at
  Subject: Re: Problems with BARRNET network
      Our mailer tries to deliver mail to (,
      SILVACO.BARRNET.NET) and gets host unreachable. Routes for ar
      given as:
      gw3#sh ip ro
      Routing entry for (mask, 2 known subnets
        Redistributing via igrp 51771
      B [200/100] via, 16:10:55
      B [200/100] via, 16:11:51
  This is odd. You should have a route to which handles
  all subnets of 131.119.

Did you turn off auto-summary, or did you add explicit network commands?
If you turned off auto-summary, you'll no longer generate a 131.119/16

FYI, this is just a general warning to everyone... no auto-summary does
what you tell it to do. :-)  (Vince, let's take this private and we can
work out what went wrong...just in case.)
      Is it useful to add Class-B-Subnets to the routing table whilst we are
      trying to reduce Class-C entries?
  This was an oversight. We are sending the subnet routes to ENSS128 in order
  to insure correct next-hop resolution across our DMZ network. These subnets
  should not have been sent to other external peers and no longer will be.
  	Vince Fuller/BARRNet
  P.S. In the future, you will receive faster response if you send BARRNet
       problem reports directly to us, either to "noc at BARRNET.NET" or to the
       MERIT-maintained trouble list "as200-trouble at MERIT.EDU".

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