493 Nets in 93 Aggregates

Tony Bates Tony.Bates at ripe.net
Tue Apr 12 15:05:50 UTC 1994

 yakov at watson.ibm.com writes:

  * Yakov.
  * P.S. As a matter of fact, I wonder whether we can get a list
  * of sites that have Class C networks sorted (in descreasing order)
  * by the number of contiguous Class C networks assigned to a site.

Whilst this is not exactly what you are asking as part of the cidr
repository on ftp.ripe.net I am now producing the following stats (see below).


P.S. We can also do something like AS-agg but based on the RIPE
database rather than using actual routing information to see where in
Europe at least we can get good CIDR aggregation based on an SPs

Here's the current README for ftp.ripe.net:cidr/stats/

Also, check ftp.ripe.net:cidr/data for daily routing dumps if anyone
is interested is doing other stats.

README for cidr/stats directory

The statistics kept in the CIDR statistics directory are as follows:

1) Table-History

This shows the increase (or hopefully a decrease ;-)) of the routing table in
the global Internet. It is taken from a router in Amsterdam
(Amsterdam-EBS1.Ebone.Net) once a day and shows the actual number of routes
and paths seen.

2) AS-agg.*

This shows a daily analysis of the networks (classful) routed in the 
Internet per AS and the amount of networks after aggregation at the AS level.
The aggregation assumed is without any holes whatsoever. Of course not every
AS can aggregate at the AS level so for some ASes the "NetsCIDR" figure may be
difficult to reach. It should also be noted that an AS where figures for
NetsNow and NetsCIDR are the same may well mean the AS has already done as 
much aggregation as is possible (AS224 is a good example of this).
These files will be archived from time to time.

3) Specific.*

This shows a daily analysis of the current aggregates seen routed in the
Internet. It also checks if more specific routes (only more specific classful
routes at the moment) are being announced and how may. An explanation of the
table is given with each files.
These files will be archived from time to time.

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