CIX-ANS path fully CIDR capable

L. Sean Kennedy liam at
Thu Apr 7 15:38:24 UTC 1994

	From: "John J. Hedderman (ANS Install Eng)" <jjh at>
	Subject: CIX-ANS path fully CIDR capable
	Date: Thu, 7 Apr 94 10:10:13 EDT

> At the moment, enss187 is hearing a number of aggregate routes from the
> CIX, but none from the ANSNET backbone.  Those CIX-member regionals
> using ANS CO+RE as transit to the CIX may now pass aggregates on to the
> ANSNET backbone, and thereon to the CIX through enss187, if they require
> this.  I do not see that any of these regionals, which include NEARNet,
> SURANet, WestNet and NorthWestNet, have begun announcing aggregates to
> ANSNET yet.

 This is very good news!  I am trying to get a NACR in for Noon for the
block 192.32/16.  This will only save about 53 routes currently, but
if this is determined a success we will add more aggregates on Tuesday.
(I need to double check on the AUP stuff, and next hop; since our assigned
blocks try to, but do not necessarily follow AUP boundaries.)

 I don't think it is suprising that ANSNET has not heard aggregates.  We
certainly were not willing to send them while you couldn't pass them to the 
CIX, and blackhole our customers traffic.  Tuesday was when this was
corrected, and Friday is the next configuration window after that-- you
should see some aggregates tomorrow.  Perhaps since gated does dynamic
configs, ANS/MERIT could offer special windows for block additions until
the ball gets rolling.


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