this week's cidr progress

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Apr 29 20:04:26 UTC 1994

This past week's CIDR progress from AS690's point view. 

Route table growth:     -248 routes (yes, decreased by 248 routes)
Route withdrawn:         704 routes

The following ASs and/or ASs behind them have withdrawn more specific routes during
the period:

AS701   Alternet                140
AS200   Barrnet                  96
AS204   PSCNet                   86
AS237   MichNet                  72
AS685   NorthWestNet             71
AS1957  ANSCIX                   30
AS1800  ICM-Atlantic              6
AS560   NearNet                   5
AS1133  CERN/DANTE                2
AS1740  CERFNet                   2

New challenges:

There are 1001 routes co-existing with its aggregate in the routing table
currently, that is they can be withdrawn as we speak.  ASs who advertise these
nets PLEASE withdrawn them.  


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