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Jessica Yu jyy at
Tue Apr 26 19:13:25 UTC 1994


I received 17 responses since I sent my message yesterday.  Thanks to those who
responded quickly and provide the information.

Below is a summary of the responses.  It shows the kind of software version people 
are using on the hardware platform they have and the network protocols they are
supporting.  Hope this gives those who are planning on or in the process of 
deploying BGP4 some idea of what software version to use. 


Vendor		Platform	Software Version	Prots in addition to IP 
======		========	================	=======================	
1.Cisco		AGS+		10.0(0.11)	        
2.Cisco		AGS+,3000	10.0			CLNP,DECNet
3.3Com		NETBuilder II   SW/NBII-HS, 6.2.2	
4.Cisco		AGS+		10.0(4879)
5.Cisco		4000		10.0(0.14)
6.Cisco		AGS+		9.21+BGP4(2.2)
7.Cisco		AGS+		10.0(0.5)
8.Cisco		4000		9.21(5192)		
9.Cisco		AGS+		9.21+bgp4(2.5)	
10.Cisco	AGS+		9.21(5362)
11.Telebit	RC5000		SWIP version 4.2
12.Cisco	CGS,AGS,AGS+,4000,7000	10.0(0.14) 	CLNP		
13.Cisco	4000		9.21+BGP4(2.1)
   Cisco 	AGS+		10.0(4879)
14.Cisco	AGS+,7000	9.21+BGP4(2.2)
15.DEC		DS5000/200	Ultrix 4.2, & Cornell gated R3.5A3		  
16.Cisco	AGS+,3000,7000	9.21+BGP4(2.2)
17.Cisco	AGS+,7000	10(0.14)

Other information: one has to have at least 16MB momery in order to load BGP4
		   software on cisco routers.

Also, see Paul's notes on version selection on cisco routers.  

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> Hi,
> For those who already run BGP4, would you please provide the following information
>       Vendor routers (e.g. Cisco, Proteon ...etc)
>       Hardward platform (e.g. Cisco 7000, 4000 .. etc)
>       Software version
>       other info which you think is valuable for new users  
> We have been asked about these kinds of questions from people who are working on
> deploying BGP4.  Please help.
> Please send your information to me.  I will summerize it and post it to the list.
> Thanks!
>                                                       --jessica 

Just as a side note, 10.0 has left beta, and we are suggesting that everyone
who is migrating to BGP4 run 10.0, instead of 9.21+BGP4, since 10.0 receives
better support (9.21+BGP4 is on the way out).


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