this week's CIDR progress report

Andrew Partan asp at
Fri Apr 22 19:18:31 UTC 1994

> 04/22/94            18596   		

AlterNet is currently seeing 19583 routes - looks like ANS is seeing
about 1K fewer routes.  Interesting data point.  Not quite sure what it

> The following ASs have withdrawn more specific routes from the
> NSFNET/ANSNet routing table during this period of time:
> 701	AlterNet 			112	

I think that you really mean that the following peers of NSFNET/ANSnet
(& all of the ASs behind them) have withdrawn more specific routes.  If
you could identify the home-ASs of the withdrawn nets, that would
probably be more helpful & more accurate.
	--asp at (Andrew Partan)

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