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Mon Apr 18 20:26:30 UTC 1994

Merit is happy to announce the Merit Routing Registry.  Whereas Merit
designed and manages the PRDB (Policy Routing Data Base) for the NSFNET
service, RIPE pioneered a policy routing registry for the European
community. The RIPE Routing Registry is based on the document,
RIPE-81. With RIPE's collaboration, Merit installed RIPE-81 software
and then extended the policy descriptions in order to realize more 
complex policies. The Merit Routing Registry will be a companion 
registry to the RIPE Routing Registry and is intended to serve
the community that is not served by RIPE. 

This is a new service and we consider ourselves still in the
beta phase. Registrations may be basic policy descriptions defined 
in RIPE-81 or complex routing policy descriptions defined in 
the Extended Policy Syntax document by Chen, Gerich, Joncheray, 
and Yu.  The Extended Policy Syntax document may be found on Documentation
for using the MeritRR can be found on

Merit and RIPE anticipate that the combined registries will provide
a more comprehensive picture of the routing interactions in the
Internet.  We are working together to allow the two registries
to appear like one virtual registry to the various tools that are
developed.  We welcome your comments on all aspects of this project.
For more information, please respond to rradmin at

                Elise Gerich, Merit Network, Inc.
                Daniel Karrenberg, RIPE NCC

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