20402 routing entries (renumbering)

Tony Li tli at cisco.com
Sat Apr 16 00:18:39 UTC 1994

   They expect the network to be like the phone or
   power outlets; you just plug in where you happen to be. If we expect
   renumbering and provider-based addressing to be feasible, it seems to me
   that w/s vendors need to provide powerful tools to enable *transparent*
   *on-the-fly* renumbering - else it won't happen. And even if they do (and
   where's the carrot for *them*?), it will be quite a while before such tools
   are ubiquitous enough to make the process always easy. Should we be working
   with vendors in this area?

I'm told that numerous host vendors are working on developing DHCP.
Of course, this does not fix legacy systems, but it does mean that
renumbering may get easier than it is today.  The carrot for them is
that it makes it easier to renumber.  ;-)  This makes life easier for
the network manager, who has to deal with Sally and George moving
their department to the third floor problems.


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