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Peter S. Ford peter at goshawk.lanl.gov
Fri Apr 15 23:36:19 UTC 1994

>>> In YOUR Internet you believe in name based portability.

What fraction of Internet users know their DNS names better than they 
know their IP addresses?  What number of people know my email 
address vrs the number who know my IP address?  I bet more users
know more URLs than IP addresses.

>>> That is NOT what the people who have those numbers believe.
>>>> You are confusing the technology vs the reality of the marketplace.

No, I am considering what the users really want, which is Internet
services, and THEY are the ones who don't care about address space,
technology, etc. 

>>> That is not to say that you can't turn on your propaganda machine and
>>> make everyone believe that Comrade Peter is a friend of all Internet children.

I will plead guilty to selling ice cream on a hot day.  Sort of a
market driven thing.  You can scream all you want about how it is 
going to cool off tonight, I've got to go back to taking care of 
that line of customers.

>>> CIDR with masks defeats the substantial purpose's that you are selling
>>> CIDR to solve, I can't wait to see the processing impact of the
>>> increasingly sparse matrix's you are pushing.  Not that I have heard
>>> anyone buy into it yet though.

CIDR always has masks, by defn.  CIDR without masks is like a black
russian without Kahlua.

If you are refering to the notion that through hierarchical abstraction
you lose information, you are certainly correct.  However, most 
networks don't want to know *all* of the gory details of networks 
halfway across the globe, or even in the next state.

>>> Marty


>>> PS:  He was a red head.  I think i'm casting myself as Medevev in this

Harder to image, but I'll work on it.  Long live the revolution!

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