20402 routing entries

Walt Haas haas at ski.utah.edu
Fri Apr 15 22:50:26 UTC 1994

It seems to me that this entire discussion is based on the premise that
renumbering is extremely slow, difficult, expensive and disruptive.

This belief is probably justified given current technology.  Our Chemistry
department reported that they renumbered 20 workstations, and it was a
week before anybody involved got any useful work done.  One shudders to
think what this means if extrapolated to the global Internet.

However, if we could develop a technology which could make renumbering
of a network (ie. a company, university or similar-sized unit) fast and
efficient, this premise would break down and it would no longer be unreasonable
to consider renumbering the organization when switching providers.

Suppose, for example that Domain Names were sacred but a daemon could
somehow touch every machine in a certain domain simultaneously and give
it a new number, while simultaneously updating the routing tables that
pointed into that domain?

No, I don't have an RFC written, sorry, it's just an idea.

-- Walt

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