20402 routing entries

Hans-Werner Braun hwb at upeksa.sdsc.edu
Fri Apr 15 20:59:43 UTC 1994

I tell ya, fellas, Marty is right. Renumbering is a looser. People will
give us more trouble than its worth it. E.g., PSI  would never go for
giving up their Class A, as it means too much to them. Must help them
milking the cows. Lets just bandaid the current addressing structure
and protocols as best we can for a little longer, and under the premise
that we have to jettison the IP address space anyway and completely and
each and every bit a little while down the road. We should have gone
for CLNP years ago (didn't Clark suggest that in, uh, '86 or so
already)? If only for the sole benefit of a forced renumbering by means
of a brand new and hierarchical addressing space called NSAPs. Who
cares about petty details like the protocols chosen, and some
bells'n'whistles nonsense in each packet.  The address is what counts.
Color and size of the envelope doesn't matter. Right on, Marty!

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