20402 routing entries

Jessica Yu jyy at merit.edu
Fri Apr 15 18:58:34 UTC 1994

>>According to NSF/ANSNET data, 23 aggregates ALONG with its covered 898 specific 
>>routes are co-exist in the routing table now.  If the ASs withdraws all these more 
>>specific routes, the routing table could be reduced by 898.  Given the urgent 
>>need of reduce the routing table size, would these ASs withdraw those specific
>>routes as soon as possible? 

>I tried.  They told me that the forms and policy for removing more
>specific routes were not in place yet, and that there would be an announcement
>about it in a week or so.  (I tried to remove 150 routes).  I've got
>a few hundred more to do next week.


	You just need to stop advertising those more specific routes if
	you have already advertised the aggregate that covers them.  It
	will do the job of reducing the routing table.


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