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Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at
Fri Apr 15 17:11:59 UTC 1994

continuing my bridge analogy

you are now providing glider service from the river bank to the bridge

not very useful for that Teamster driven truck


> If NSF were to waive the NSFNET Backbone Service AUP **for the sole 
> purpose of assisting providers in effective CIDRization/aggregation to 
> avoid Internet collapse**, would that be of any help?
> I have alerted the NSF Counsel to this possibility, and they are of 
> course concerned that everyone will cancel their current commercial 
> contracts, switch their traffic to NSFNET, and hurl all the private 
> providers into bankruptcy.
> I should welcome your comments; if you support the idea (the waiver, not
> hurtling into ruin), I may also enlist your help convincing Counsel and
> the IG. 
> -s

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