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Hans-Werner Braun hwb at
Fri Apr 15 16:40:03 UTC 1994


Sounds like a fine idea to me. Aren't we also just talking about a few
remaining months of the NSFNET Backbone, after which the issue would
become irrelevant anyway? So doing what you are saying seems to also
help with the transition?


>If NSF were to waive the NSFNET Backbone Service AUP **for the sole 
>purpose of assisting providers in effective CIDRization/aggregation to 
>avoid Internet collapse**, would that be of any help?
>I have alerted the NSF Counsel to this possibility, and they are of 
>course concerned that everyone will cancel their current commercial 
>contracts, switch their traffic to NSFNET, and hurl all the private 
>providers into bankruptcy.
>I should welcome your comments; if you support the idea (the waiver, not
>hurtling into ruin), I may also enlist your help convincing Counsel and
>the IG. 

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