20402 routing entries

Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at us.psi.com
Fri Apr 15 17:07:40 UTC 1994

a bit less than
28,000 currently configured "Internet" network numbers believe they
have permanently gained their class B's and C's and will NEVER give them up
and renumber.  Or at least the ones in the US believe that.

a bit less than all assigned network numbers total believe that they have
gained their class B's and C's and will never give up and renumber.

You have provided no incentive (carrot) for individual companies to do
the right thing.

CIDR is a perfectly engineered suspension bridge unconnected to either
bank of the river.


> Ref:  Your note of Fri, 15 Apr 1994 10:52:00 -0400
> Henry,
> >This assumes alot, including customers that don't switch providers
> >and inject more specific routes (this is happening already).
> No, I assumed that most (but NOT all) of the customers who switch
> providers would renumber. I can further weaken this assumption
> by allowing aggregation above the immediate provider level
> (you can do this with CIDR).
> >You're also assuming that we have a mechanism for aggregating
> >routes for folks who choose not to (or can't, for some reason).
> That is not so far-fetched assumption. Proxy aggregation is
> likely to happen, whether some folks like it or not.
> >CIDR only buys us a *little* time..
> Remember there is "CIDR movie", but there is also "CIDR book".
> You need to consider both...
> Yakov.

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