20402 routing entries

henryc at oar.net henryc at oar.net
Fri Apr 15 14:52:00 UTC 1994

>In the best of circumstances CIDR reduces the growth of routing
>information to roughly log(#sites). So, yes, in theory over time
>it could go "to 10 again", but that would require the number of
>sites that may be well beyond IPv4 (or even any IPng) addressing

Your first 5 words say alot.  This assumes alot, including customers 
that don't switch providers and inject more specific routes (this is
happening already).  You're also assuming that we have a mechanism
for aggregating routes for folks who choose not to (or can't, for
some reason).

CIDR only buys us a *little* time.  Pigs still can't fly :-).


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