722 Nets, 23 ASs, 98 Aggregates

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Thu Apr 14 19:56:11 UTC 1994

> Yakov,
> The way I read your message is that all new network numbers should
> be CIDRized and fundamentally not be portable between service providers.
> This is a bit rigid.  Shouldn't there be another option that allows
> portability too?
> Marty

If a component moves, and does not want to renumber, the old provider
should announce an unreachable for the component (that is obviously
more specific than the aggregate) and the new provider should announce
the component that moved.

You should ask the customer to renumber and explain why and strongly
urge then to do so.  I don't think anyone is advocating forced
renumbering (are they)?


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