722 Nets, 23 ASs, 98 Aggregates

Dale S. Johnson dsj
Thu Apr 14 14:30:57 UTC 1994

Good News from the CIDR Press!!

AS690 CIDR Squeezings Report:  722 Nets, 23 ASs, 98 Aggregates

 722 (35%) of the ever-announced more-specific routes within aggregates have
     been withdrawn.  442 of those were withdrawn within the last week.
                      155 the week before that.
                      122 the week before that.

  23 ASs have registered aggregates in the PRDB.
  20 of those are announcing aggregates.
  11 have withdrawn at least one more specific route.

  98 Aggregates are configured.
  88 of these were Top-Level Aggregates (not nested in another aggregate).
  69 of these were announced to AS690 as of yesterday.
  58 of those have at least one subnet configured (the other 11 may be saving.
                                 the Internet future subnet announcements).
  29 have stopped announcing at least one configured more specific route.
  19 have stopped announcing half of their configured more specific routes.
  16 have stopped announcing most (80%) of their more specific routes.

See merit.edu:pub/nsfnet/cidr/cidr_savings for more detail.

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