Route Flap Reports

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Tue Apr 5 00:49:43 UTC 1994


At the IETF njm/netstat meeting it was suggested that the raw data for
the "External Route Flap Reports" be released in it's entirety,
excluding data only if specific providers objected.  The were no
objections to this raised at the meeting.  The data consists of a
daily count of the number of times unique BGP paths were declared
unreachable.  A full description of the data collection and the
current reports can be found in: /pub/info/routing-stats/ExternalRouteFlapReports

If there are no objections, the 1993 data will be made available in
about two weeks.  If there are objections, data will be removed for
those providers who do not wish to have their data reported and a note
will be placed with the data to indicate the extent to which it is
complete.  The 1993 data is mostly complete with on the order of 10
days missing or incomplete due to disk space problems.

Another topic that has come up is that since gated was fully deployed
on ANSnet (data collection ended on Feb 27), this data has no longer
been collected.  Data collection should resume shortly.

After data collection resumes, the Jan and Feb data and more recent
data will be made available approximately monthly.


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