Proposed Agenda for Regional-Techs

Mark Knopper mak
Thu Sep 30 01:56:58 UTC 1993

Hi. Here is a more realistic version of the agenda including
proposed session times.	

Merit/NSFNET Regional-Techs Meeting
October 4-5, 1993
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Preliminary Agenda (version 1.0)

Monday October 4

8:30am Registration, Coffee, Gathering

9:00   Shared Whois Project (SWIP) Plan - Mark Knopper
	This project has been underway for a while, but after
	a lot of discussion we now have a project plan which
	is nearing agreement between RIPE, InterNIC and Merit.
	The plan essentially specifies that the registries
	"synchronize" their data such that all information
	related to the same network object is the same,
	following a timeline of next April for synchronization.
	We'd like to hear the comments of other networks
	before we finalize the plan and publicize it further.
	Our document will be sent to the regional-techs list
	before the meeting.

9:45   CoREN Planning Status - Vince Fuller
        Some preliminary activities are in progress among the
        CoREN technical staff, and Vince can give a very
        brief overview of who is in the group and its status.

10:00  NSFNET/NREN Solicitation Status - Peter Ford
	Discussion of the solicitation and what we know 
	about the transition to the new environment.

10:30  Break

10:45  Report from RIPE Meeting - Elise Gerich 
	Elise will give a report on the recent RIPE meeting
	in Amsterdam.

11:15  CLNP Registration (Sue Hares)
	RIPE has been working on registration of NSAP addresses, and
	Merit is designing a database representation in order to
	configure routers to support IDRP.  Sue will give a status
	report of these activities.

12:00  -- Lunch (provided by Merit) --

1:15-5:00 or ?   Status of CIDR Deployment

       This session will focus on the components of work left to do
       in order to deploy CIDR. Some of the following are presentations
       with question/answer sessions and others are brief reports.

	1:30 ANS GateD support - Dennis Ferguson

	2:15 Merit PRDB support - Dale Johnson

        2:30 Router vendor support and interoperability testing (ANS,vendors)

	3:00 Break

	3:15 CIDR Analysis - Jessica Yu
		This topic is a followup of discussion at the last
		IETF, to look at how effective we think CIDR will be
		in conserving address space and making IPv4 last longer
		as a viable protocol. We will attempt to gather ideas
		from anyone who has done such analysis and present them
		at this session for discussion.

	4:15 Open Issues for CIDR Deployment - group discussion


Tuesday Oct 5
8:30 Coffee, Gathering

9:00  Registration issues for network providers - Mark
	This will follow up on our discussion from the June
	meeting too see if there are further thoughts on how
	to handle provider/customer ownership, and register
	CIDR "holes". This will include a discussion on how
	to use the "aggregate registry" that has been proposed
	for CIDR implementation and coordination.

9:45  Routing issues for carrier selection - John Scudder
	John will present the ideas in Yakov Rekhter's internet-draft,
	"Selecting an Indirect Provider".

10:30 Future of Regional-Techs Group - Mark Knopper/Peter Ford/Andrew Partan
	Though this forum is primarily to discuss NSFNET-related
	matters, it has also served well as a general discussion
	forum for US Internet network providers. It is clear that
	this function should preserved and even broadened, though
	Merit's management with NSFNET will eventually draw to
	a close (see session III above). This session will focus
	on several ideas that have been proposed on how to
	keep the Regional-Techs forum alive in some form to
	continue discussion and cooperation among providers.

11:15 ANS Backbone Update - Jordan Becker
	Jordan will give a status report on current status and
	planned changes on the ANS backbone.

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